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Want Your Body To Look Like This?

Unfortunately taking a diuretic isn’t going to make your body look like this, but it can help reduce some extra water weight. If you are the type of person that retains a lot of extra water than a diuretic supplement should help.

Water retention is also known by its medical term, edema. This is a condition that results when water leaks into the body tissues from the blood.

In normal circumstances, the fluid is drained from the body tissues through the lymphatic system – a network of tubes throughout the body that removes waste and extraneous material, and empties it back into the bloodstream.

Water retention problems arise when fluid is not removed by the lymph system properly, it is retained in the body tissues where it causes swelling (edema).

Another cause for water retention is when the kidneys are retaining water to help balance out electrolytes in your blood. This happens most often when someone is taking in too much salt. 

Water retention in the body is most commonly seen in the feet and legs, but it can occur in the hands, arms, abdominal cavity (ascites), around the lungs (known as pulmonary edema) and around the face. Water retention of the face is usually due to hormonal issues.

Types of Water Retention

Water retention is most commonly observed in the hands, legs and feet. Based on the manifested symptoms, water retention is of two types, namely, localized and generalized. In the former case, retention of water is observed in particular parts of the body (e.g. pulmonary edema); whereas, in generalized type, swelling is manifested all over the body.

There are effective water retention remedies that one can follow in order to manage the condition. Let’s take a look at the various ways you can help your body reduce water retention.

Natural Remedies to Reduce Water Retention

Correct diagnosis of water retention is necessary to advocate proper treatment. If the cause is related to some severe underlying physical problems, then rectifying the condition will help in reducing the symptoms of water retention.

Depending upon the causes, the physician may recommend certain medications for combating water retention. In addition to taking medications, one should incorporate a healthy lifestyle for long-term treatment of the condition.

Following are some of the effective remedies to reduce water retention:

Reducing Salt Intake: A major cause of water retention is excess salt content in the everyday diet. It is observed that consumption of salty foods worsens water retention by the body tissues. Hence, minimizing the everyday salt intake is an effective remedy to reduce water retention. One should limit consumption of foods that contain excess salts such as processed meats, potato chips and other salted snacks.

Diet Plan: An individual with water retention problem should avoid foods that exacerbate swelling of the tissues. One should abstain from the drinks that can cause dehydration like caffeinated beverages, tea, coffee and alcohol. Foods that are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C should be included in the diet plan. The diet for reducing water retention should also contain natural diuretic foods like cranberry juice, tomato and cabbage.

Increase Mineral Intake: Lack of the minerals like potassium and calcium, often aggravate water retention symptoms. Another effective water retention remedy is increasing the intake of foods that contain high amounts of these minerals, such as bananas and raisins. Very often, the physician recommends mineral supplementation for women with water retention symptoms that are developed due to menstrual cycle.

Proper Stress Management: Stress, in any form, is the main cause for retaining body toxins and wastes. Likewise, body water retention is usually worsened when one experiences prolonged stress. Proper stress management is an effective remedy to get rid of the body toxins and combat water retention symptoms.

Regular Physical Activities: Performing regular exercise for at least 30 minutes daily helps in detoxifying the body, which in turn helps to reduce water retention. In case of certain severe underlying conditions, one should consult with a qualified physician regarding the type of exercises that can be performed for alleviating water retention.

It is also important to dink plenty of water. Not drinking enough water can actually lead to water retention problems. When taking a natural diuretic you actually need to drink more water so that your body can pull the extra water out of your tissues. Very rarely does water retention occur in a well-hydrated body.

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